Passenger 57 (1992) – Review

2 Stars

Wesley Snipes gets his action-star moment in the ‘Die Hard on a Plane’ knock-off, Passenger 57. The same year that delivered Seagal’s Under Siege gives us Wesley’s bid to elevate to the forefront of the mesomorph line. But unlike most of his contemporaries in the genre, Snipes can act. His total commitment to character and cool on-screen persona is the only thing of interest in this lame action flick.

John Cutter (Wesley Snipes) is an air-marshall who happens to be hitching a ride home aboard a 747 when a group of terrorists hijacks the flight. Cutter springs into action and begins to take out the threat while creeping around the cabin and compartments unnoticed.

The marketing team behind Passenger 57 wants you to believe that it’s a terrorist on a plane story. But very little of the film’s 84-minute running time transpires aboard the aircraft. The film’s big climax takes place at a rural carnival, which is about as exciting as it sounds and doesn’t involve the plane gimmick until the final confrontation between hero and villain. Passenger 57 is a mid-level action film with a big-time star, a flashy concept, and nothing of substance.

Director: Kevin Hooks
Stars: Wesley Snipes, Bruce Payne, Bruce Greenwood

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