Speed Kills (2018) – Review

1 Star

Speed Kills contains a committed performance by John Travolta that is trapped in a woefully undercooked movie. This instantly forgettable flick should be at least mildly interesting. It’s basically the same story you’ve seen before, think Blow, Bugsy, and Lord of War. The fact that it’s only discernable feature is a lack of budget for a proper period setting is an early sign of concern. While telling a straightforward tale the filmmakers have found a way to confuse and bore the audience.

Ben Aronoff is a New Jersey Gangster. He’s on the run from the mob and relocates to sunny Miami, Florida. It’s here Aronoff falls in love with speed boats and racing on the open ocean. His wealth and ingenuity lead to the design and creation of the ‘Cigarette’ boat. This newly shaped boat is then used by Arnoff to win several prestigious racing titles. Meanwhile, his business, freedom, and life are under constant threat from the notorious gangland leader, Meyer Lansky.

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage have often found themselves giving ‘real’ performances in films that are well below their talent level. Credit must be given to each thespian for still giving a shit about their craft. Even while his box-office drawing power has long faded, Travolta is still a magnetic and powerful presence on-screen. Speed Kills is yet another product that is simply not worthy of the former movie star it features.

Director: Jodi Scurfield
Stars: John Travolta, Katheryn Winnick, Kellan Lutz

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