Skin Trade (2014) – Review

3 Stars

The lowbrow world of B-level action films usually doesn’t produce flicks like Skin Trade. Sure, sex, nudity, and violence are staples of the genre, but often that is to cover for a lack of creativity. Skin Trade starring (and co-written by) Dolph Lundgren is a better-than-expected action film with slick photography, well-choreographed fights, and gunplay, and a timely story centering around human trafficking.

Detective Nick Cassidy (Dolph Lundgren) goes on a one-man rampage through Bangkok to find Victor Dragovic (Ron Pearlman), the man most directly responsible for murdering Cassidy’s family. Now, Cassidy has unknowingly disrupted a multi-billion dollar human trafficking operation. This catches the attention of FBI agent Eddie Reed (Michael Jai White) who is tasked with bringing Cassidy home. Meanwhile, the American vigilante allies with a Thai officer (Tony Jaa), and together they plan on putting an end to Dragovic’s illegal enterprise.

Skin Trade has an appealing visual style, some raucous martial arts action, and an attractive cast. The presumably limited budget didn’t constrain the filmmakers of this ambitious project. Lundgren, credited as star and co-writer of the screenplay, still has a magnetic on-screen presence and charisma to spare. The film’s plotting is unrealistic at best and possibly offensive to those looking

Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham
Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Michael Jai White, Ron Perlman, Peter Weller

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