Big Bully (1996) – Review

3 Stars

Tom Arnold and Rick Moranis team up for a family-friendly comedy penned by the scribe behind the hits Simon Birch and Gumpy Old Men. The two comedic actors make for a winning on-screen combo aided by director Steve Miner, coming off Mel Gibson’s Forever Young, who brings a soft touch to the warm-hearted material.

When David Leary (Rick Moranis) moves back to the mid-west town that he left in his youth, a childhood rivalry is reignited with Rosco (Tom Arnold), the bully who made his life miserable in middle school.

Big Bully has a relatable and easily conveyed premise and the hard-working cast members make for an amiable viewing experience. I especially liked Jeffery Tambor as the creepy neighbor and Don Knotts as the exasperated school principal. The predictable storyline has few surprises, but the final film is better than the generic trailer would lead you to believe.

Director: Steve Miner
Stars: Rick Moranis, Tom Arnold, Jeffrey Tambor

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