Stallone “99% sure Rambo 5 won’t happen” – News

Earlier this week while giving an interview to promote the upcoming film ‘The Expendables’. Sylvester Stallone was quoted as saying that he was “99% sure Rambo 5 wouldn’t happen”. This is a major turn around for Stallone and Lionsgate which distributed the last installment. It was previously announced that the Fifth screen adventure of John Rambo would involve him hunting a genetically altered beast, in the vein of the Schwazengger classic ‘Predator’. However this was quickly dispelled by Stallone himself after a negative reaction from internet fan sites and the entertainment press. A second announcement surfaced with a scenario centering around a Mexican drug cartel run by Mickey Rourke. Yet it seems that Stallone felt; Rambo was turning into a mercenary and straying too far from the original conceit of the character. So for the time being it looks as though Rambo’s guns have been silenced, then again Stallone said ‘Rambo 3’ would be the last.

4 thoughts on “Stallone “99% sure Rambo 5 won’t happen” – News

  1. All we can do is hope that The Expendables is as kick ass as the last Rambo. I think it will be, Stallone has been on a roll every since Rocky Balboa.

  2. He meant Rambo 3. The article itself implies that Stallone is saying Rambo 4 will be the last, but Stallone also said Rambo 3 would be the last and then out came Rambo 4. Not sure if a 5th would be a good idea or not, considering just how good Rambo 4 was and how it left off.

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