Clash Of The Titans (2010) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

A decent remake and tons of action make this year’s sword and sandal flick very enjoyable. Although the 3D aspect doesn’t compare to ‘Avatar’, most movie-goers will opt to see it wearing glasses. If those lines are too long for you, don’t feel like you’re missing out if you see it in 2D, you’re not. The acting and dialogue aren’t the greatest, but this is an action flick first and foremost. And in keeping that in mind while entering the theater, you’ll find the film much more enjoyable. Neeson and Fiennes as the dueling gods Zeus and Hades are great choices. Especially Neeson as Zeus, his voice seems very suited to wise and powerful characters.

Director Louis Leterrier does a surprisingly good job with the action sequences and visuals. This remake stays fairly true to the original’s plot and storyline, including the gods, giant scorpions, the witches, Medusa and the Kraken. All the while updating the look and feel of the now almost thirty year old original. Sam Worthington, Perseus, is believable in these types of adventure roles.

There isn’t much more to ask for from a popcorn movie. And let’s face it, that’s exactly what the original was in 1981.

Director: Louis Leterrier
Stars: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes

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