Independence Day 2…on the way?

Now that Fox is rolling in the dough from Avatar’s $2.7 billion dollar worldwide gross, the execs are looking for their next big ‘tent-pole’ release. Today word began spreading that a possible follow up to 1996’s’ Independence Day’ is in the works. However it has been reported as recently as Monday that Will Smith is mulling over a return to the ‘Men in Black’ franchise. Perhaps Fox timed this to grab Smith when he’s ‘blockbuster’ –mode, coming off the critical and commercial disappointment of ‘Seven Pounds’. Director Roland Emmerich is tied up on another film at the moment, so shooting wouldn’t began until 2011 for a possible July 4th 2012 release. It would seem to be the wise career choice for Smith over ‘MIB-3’, considering the lack of enthusiasm ‘MIB-2’ was meet with.

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