Exile (2008) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Mike Conway continues in the tradition of Terrarium, lending a look and feel to Exile that makes the audience believe they could take place in the same universe. Gone are the slow, long stints of dialogue as Conway attempts to jam pack this movie with action. In fact, the lead, Brian Sheridan, takes a non-digital real blow to his head from a small log. This shot could be a viral YouTube video in its own right. As with Terrarium this is an incredibly low budget film, with all the bad special effects you’d expect. But this time the monster is actually quite good and very entertaining. Yet again Conway’s ideas rise above most other b-movie schlock fair. Heather Guzzetta is the shining star of the movie. She plays an android so well, you might believe her to be one in real life. If there are any roles for automatons out there, snag her up quick.

Director: Mike Conway
Stars: Brian Sheridan, Heather Lei Guzzetta

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