The Awakening (2005) – Review

3 Stars

Lara Andrade (Tamra Frame) is dying of cancer. Luckily her husband works for a top secret government project and has just the cure she needs. Unfortunately there is one side effect, it gives her super human strength! This is the plot of The Awakening, another b-movie from filmmaker Mike Conway. Everything in the film is on par with extreme low budget films, that is except the effects. Conway is somehow able to pull off amazing results in which the viewer doesn’t even realize they’re seeing a special effect. Hence the three star rating for this film. If you want to see the possibilities available to you for creating a low budget feature, get this DVD. The “making of” documentary on this one is a very interesting watch. As for the feature itself, the storyline is exactly what you’d expect. Girl is sick, gets a cure that turns her superhuman, loses control of her powers and winds up being pursued by government agents. What more could you ask for?

Director: Mike Conway
Stars: Mike Conway, Tamra Ericson Frame , Tim Daley

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One thought on “The Awakening (2005) – Review

  • March 2, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Thanks for the coverage! Just wanted to add that those great FX were by Kelly Johnston. He’s amazing!


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