The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) – Review

2 Stars

Although time travel is mentioned in the title, this is not a sci-fi flick. This film uses the time traveling in an attempt to create a romantic drama about the effects of a man being away from his family for long stints of time. It’s unsuccessful at that. Neither Eric Bana or Rachel McAdams turn in performances worth noting. The movie is drab and boring throughout. The other issue is obviously time loops, which plague any film about time travel. Unlike the Terminator movies or the incredible ‘Primer’, this film skips over the intricate details of how time travel would work. Instead opting for a genetic mutation explanation that makes no sense. At one point after the main character (which is Eric Bana’s time traveler, and not as the title leads us to believe, his wife) visits a geneticist, they believe they have found a cure in pills used for treating epilepsy. But again the film falls short when they never try taking them. This is one of those self-serving movies, the genetics is so his daughter can be a time traveler as well, and the time traveling itself is unimportant, not emphasized and underused as a device to wedge a rift in the marriage. All in all skip this one, nothing happens in this film.

Director: Robert Schwentke
Stars: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams

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