I’m A Fan Of ‘Into the Blue’

I’m a sucker for a good adventure movie, and this is one of the best underwater thrillers to have (uh?) surfaced in the last decade. Directed by John Stockwell (whom also helmed the similarly underrated ‘Touristas’) this is equal parts treasure hunt picture, drug smuggling drama, and beach t&a film. At the center of it is Jessica Alba, at the height of her celebrity and attractiveness as ‘Sam’ the girlfriend to Paul Walker’s character ‘Jared’. The couple are scuba divers who happen apon a sunken plane full of narcotics. Soon the leads are mixed up with the local drug kingpin and a hunting rival in Josh Brolin, who is outstanding as the heavy. Scott Cann and Ashley Scott fill out the cast and give life to the film when Alba’s ass and Walker’s abs are covered up. The underwater photography by D.P. Shane Hurlbert (infamous for being the guy Christan Bale went ape-shit on) is dazzling and the best of it’s kind since ‘The Abyss’ almost 20yrs earlier. Next time the rain is beating down and you need a summertime pick-me-up, put this in the DVD player for a pleasantly diverting 90min of tropical adventure.

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