Terror in Mumbai (2009) – Review

4 Stars

This gripping documentary chronicles in merciless detail the harrowing events of Nov.26th and the 24hr terrorist siege on the city of Mumbai. Director Dan Reed the man responsible for the similarly unsettling 2003 documentary ‘Terror in Moscow’, turns his attention to the streets of Mumbai and specifically the historic Taj Hotel. Terrorist entered the hotel and systematically killed every person they could find. The fascinating aspect of this doc. is the intercepted cell phone conversations between the attackers and their ‘controller’, who informs them to kill all hostages ‘in the name of god’. Hotel security camera footage is seamlessly woven with news feeds and survivor interviews. The experience is akin to a ‘Bourne’ -pic, in form. However the realism hits home when we can hear the execution of hostages on a phone line. In the end 170 people were killed in the name of religion. This is the most emotionally draining documentary I’ve ever seen. Should be a shew-in for an Oscar nomination next year. Unfortunately this title is currently only available on HBO.

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