6 Guns (2010) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

A taunt low budget western from ‘The Asylum’ films. The opening 15 minutes, methodically chronicles the sadistic treatment of a family by a gang of bloodthirsty outlaws. By the end of the sequence the family members are murdered, and a woman is viciously raped. It’s an effective passage, but it is also hard to stomach. All the more compliment to director Van Dyke for creating a sense of dread during these dark moments.

The script is a rehash of Unforgiven and Hang ’em High complete with the mysterious stranger/lawman, here to clean up the streets. This time played by Barry Van Dyke, a man who resembles Clint Eastwood but has the calm intensity and line delivery of Charles Bronson. I’m not sure of his previous film credits, but he acquits himself nicely and has a real charisma and presence on-screen. By contrast veteran actor and screenwriter Geoff Meed plays ‘Horn’ like a man possessed and his energy injects the film with a mischievous quality. One of the better films to come out of ‘The Asylum

Director: Shane Van Dyke
Stars: Barry Van Dyke, Sage Mears, Geoff Meed

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