Command Performance (2010) – Review

3 Stars

Action icon Dolph Lundgren’s fifth film as director is a slick ‘Die Hard’-knock off that is partly inspired by actual events. Terrorists seize a concert-hall in Russia, in attendance is the President and his daughters. Dolph is ‘Joe’ ,ex-biker bad-ass and drummer in a band that serves as the opening act for a teen pop sensation in the vein of ‘Britney Spears’. Newcomer Melissa Ann Smith is a knockout and she more than holds her own in scenes with Lundgren, deftly handling the bitchy and comedic angles of her character. Dolph looks like he’s having a blast in a role that is played tongue-in-cheek. As a director he is maturing nicely and seems more confident handling the action and shifts in tone, than in his earlier efforts. A pleasing ninety minutes of action with a few comedic and over-the-top touches. First action film in history to feature impalement by drumstick. Just saying.

Director: Dolph Lundgren
Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Melissa Ann Smith, Hristo Shopov

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