Can Tom Cruise Make A Comeback? Knight and Day Tracking – News

With ‘Knight and Day’s Saturday sneak peek playing in 500 theaters to 85% capacity it seems like a strong possibility that people may give Cruise another chance. He is one of the biggest box office stars still around, racking up $2.8 billion in box office receipts with an average gross of $96 million. But this may mean nothing after Cruise ruined his image with insane antics and spewing scientology all around town. The majority of people really do believe that Cruise is out of his mind, and the tabloids ate it up.

Most analysts are pegging this for around a $25 million 5-day opening. Movie Mavericks’ Jason Rugaard has upped that with a $55 million 5-day forecast. The film is getting good word of mouth thanks to the early Saturday run, but the fact that Fox felt that the film needed that extra push says something as well. Regardless it will do well overseas and if it can get up to $100 million domestically it won’t be a flop. The film starts its official run tomorrow in 3,000+ theaters and we shall see if Cruise can still open. If not then perhaps the movie star is dead.

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