The Fighter – Trailer

A first look at David O. Russell’s long in development film chronicling the life of pugilist ‘Irish’ Mickey Ward. The story focuses on the struggles in Ward’s career and his troubled relationship with his brother/trainer Dickey Ward. This has been Wahlberg’s passion project for many years, spending four years training like a boxer to prepare for the role. Christan Bale also looks to be going through a stunning physical transformation as the drug-addled sibling. As intriguing as the trailer looks;I’m disappointed the filmmakers didn’t focus on the trilogy between Ward and Arturo Gatti. I believe a film examining the ensuing relationship between these two warriors still needs to be made. Opens 12/10/10

One thought on “The Fighter – Trailer

  • November 11, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    I’ve really been looking foward to this movie. I also wish that the focus was on the 3 epic fights between him and Gatti but any movie about a boxer with as much heart as Mickey Ward gets my vote.


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