Blockbuster’s New Tiered Pricing and 99 Cent Rental Rip Off – News

On November 22nd Blockbuster video stores introduced a new tiered rental system. The idea is newer films cost more to rent. Makes sense. Of course leave it to Blockbuster to screw it up. Brand new “Just Arrived” rentals are $4.99 for three days now, same price but reduced rental period from one-week. I’m fine with that, remember that they don’t have a 28-day window with the studios so they get all the new movies on the same day they are available for purchase. “New Release” movies that have been out for six weeks or more are $2.99 for the same three day rental period. That’s the same price as the $1 a night kiosk rentals. This falls fairly closely inline with the 28-day window, the kiosks should by now have all these movies available as well. That’s fine and dandy for new releases (i.e. everything on the walls), but what about catalogue titles?

All the stores in my area have a “99cent Rentals” banner. This leads you to believe that they actually have 99 cent movies. And they do, but only about five to eight per category. That’s why they fall under “Select” in the tiered system. These are of course the worst films ever created and no one would purchase, let alone rent one of these stinkers for 99 cents. I’ve heard their “Kids” section features a lot of 99 centers so maybe this would be worth while if you have children, but again the “Kids” section doesn’t include “Family” movies, it’s more geared toward preschoolers.

Every catalogue title should be 99 cents. That’s such a simple add-on sale. Hell I’d be in those stores constantly, and I’d be more likely to pickup new releases from them instead of waiting for the kiosks. Especially if I knew I could grab a few cheap flicks on the side. As much as this bummed me out after being coaxed in with the promise of inexpensive entertainment, it is a move in the right direction. If only they had taken a few more steps.

What do you think about this new system? Smart choice or rip-off? Or is everyone just using Netflix these days?

4 thoughts on “Blockbuster’s New Tiered Pricing and 99 Cent Rental Rip Off – News

  • August 15, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Well just to stick up for Blockbuster (which is a first for me) I went in yesterday to rent some movies for me and my father, I wanted One Flew over the kuckoos nest, and Donnie Darko . Yes they are older movies but I picked both up (ive never looked at those signs or banners lol) and noticed they were both 99cents and for some reason only 50cents when I brought them to the register…anyway I watched them both and returned them and I was pretty happy with it. I’m not a big movie fanatic so I guess the newer movies being high priced never gets to me.

    • August 15, 2011 at 3:55 pm

      To be fair this is an old article and Blockbuster has once again switched up its pricing. This time its very competitive though, with all older releases being 99 cents and newer releases $1.99 with brand new release being $2.99 for one day with each addition night 99 cents for all. As you said you got them for 50 cents, some stores are running promotions, the one near me on Sundays will give you a 1.99 new release for 99 when you rent another movie. Remember they have no 30 day window on new releases like Netflix and Redbox so everything’s there as well.

  • December 25, 2010 at 9:27 am

    Blockbuster got me real good last night. I rented two flicks for one night. Told the manager working at the counter I wanted them for only one night.
    Got charged $9.98.
    When I looked at the receipt on the way home, I realized he charged me for three nights.
    I’m not going to go back there and raise a stink about it.
    I’m just not going to go back. That’s all.

  • December 13, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Thank you for clearing that up for me! I haven’t been inside a BB store in ages but was almost lured in by their .99 banner, now I know I can drive by and just head to Redbox.


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