Silent Trigger (1996) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Swedish beefcake Dolph Lundgren plays a sniper aptly named Shooter with a conscious in this uneven, overblown and senseless action thriller set almost entirely in a futuristic looking skyscraper. Director Russell Mulcahy of ‘Highlander’ fame (or infamy depending on how you feel about 1991’s woeful ‘Highlander 2’) crafts this into a highly-styled exercise in mindless entertainment. After Shooter reneges on his assignment to assassinate an undefined target he goes rouge with the assistance of his Spotter played by the beautiful Gina Bellman.

Years later the two are paired together once again for Shooter’s last job. Once again he doesn’t follow orders, putting his life and Spotter’s on the line. However most of the running time is dedicated to a cat and mouse game being played inside a building still under construction. Two security guards, one a bully, the other a rookie are the real enemies here. Both men are brutal sadistic creeps that refuse to call the cops even when they realize that a trained assassin is camped out upstairs.

It’s these stupefying leaps in logic that keep this handsomely shot and designed film from really hitting its target. There is no doubt Mulcahy has an eye for the visually pleasing and his use of camerawork is effective. However the narrative is dull and bogged down by sluggish direction and unimpressive acting. Lundgren as always escapes the proceedings unscathed.

Director: Russell Mulcahy
Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Gina Bellman

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