Messenger of Death (1988) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

Charles Bronson sheds his tough-guy image to portray a Denver reporter in this sporadically entertaing murder mystery. An eerie and graphic opening sequence showcasing the brutal murder of a family is among the films best set-pieces. This sets the tone for a quietly evocative picture that never quite delivers on the promise of that opening passage. The change of pace for Bronson is a welcomed one and his presence enhances this mystery concerning two waring Mormon families and a bloody killing in Colorado.

Low on action, save for a adequate but unspectacular car chase that instantly reveals the low-budget. This Cannon films project was the penultimate film that Bronson would make under the banner and it’s easy to see why. The cinematography has a cheap, flat look and the direction is amateurish. However the screenplay credited to Paul Jericho packs in a fair amount of suspense and some clever plot twists.Worthwhile viewing to see Bronson at sixty-six years of age still mumbling dialogue and staring down villains with the best of them.

Director: J. Lee Thompson
Stars: Charles Bronson, John Ireland, Jeff Corey

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