‘Ticker’ Director’s Cut Opening Title Sequence – Wow Is It Different

Here’s the opening title sequence to Alber Pyun’s director’s cut of ‘Ticker’. Weighs in at around six minutes and drastically different than the Nu-Image version. Pyun posted it on his Facebook page with this to say about it:

“Here’s the First TICKER Director’s Cut clip. From a VHS telecine. Very poor image and sound. The temp mix is rather sparse and nowhere near a polished sound design and mix. Sorry these are discoveries that have been found in storage garages. Created years ago on the cheap and fast. The release DVD will be better. Wanted everyone to see the vast difference between my vision and the horrible Nu-Image version.”

“TICKER” Anti-Studio Director’s Cut from Albert Pyun on Vimeo.

Some interesting Q&A in the comments of the post:

Someone asked about the choice of music, Danny Boy.

“Danny Boy because of Dennis Hopper’s IRA terrorist character. He watches Seagal listening to Danny Boy because he knows, as with his struggles against Britain that its going to end sadly and tragically.”

A couple of people comment on Seagal’s acting.

“Yeah, I think Steven really tried with this and was very supportive. Its a different Seagal. And he’s more engaged and more into the character work. Exactly what Nu-Image didn’t want. They just wanted him fighting which he actually resisted.”

A question about whether Seagal memorized those lines or was reading off cue cards.

“He ad libbed it but it was a structured ad lib (specific info and structure) because I wanted Steven to do it with his style and so it had conviction behind it.”

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