Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit (2011) – Review

3 Stars

The best way to describe ‘Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit’ would be to say it’s as if Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made ‘Donnie Darko’, especially as two of the main cast bear a striking resemblance to the duo. The film harkens back to the days of strange 90’s indie fare, ‘Cemetery Man’ comes to mind.

The plot opens into the world of narcissistic mean-spirited Pete Blaggit. It explains that his life was happy, but now no one can even stand being around him. There is much comedy in the opening as Pete and his brother Eugene’s commercial plays for their wedding videography company. Then we see just what an ass Pete has become as he singlehandedly destroys a wedding, making the bride break down in tears. Again there are some hilarious moments in there.

But why is Pete Blaggit so down on himself and everyone else? Over the course of the film strange hints are strewn about. Firstly there’s much to do with refrigerators as dimensional portals and the strange ugly purple creature he comes across in one. Then there’s alien abductions that leave Pete completely naked and wandering in the park. And these are the least of his problems, mainly as seeing he’s gotten himself involved in a little gambling ruse, and everyone’s out to get him. For the viewers that pay close attention, the strange and seemingly unlinked events will make sense in the end.

Great and fun special effects, which goes hand in hand with a great and fun script, superb acting and an almost John Carpenter-esque score by Phil Mountford make the film a joy to watch.

Director: Mark Jeavons
Stars: Rob Leetham, Andy Pandini, Gabrielle Amies

Official Site – (www.peteblaggit.com)

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