Live Movie Podcast EP19: New Catwoman Pics, Brett Ratner and Oscars, Box Office 10 Years Ago

Our nineteenth podcast! Don’t be afraid to join in on the conversation. Feel free to comment on the show here if you missed the live recording, we’ll reply to your questions and comments directly here, or on the next episode.

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Episode nineteen. Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they jump into the Box Office DeLorean and go back 10 years ago in box office history to look how Burton/Wahlberg’s Planet of the Apes stacks up to the prequel, New Anne Hathaway as Catwoman pictures surface, Brett Ratner chosen to produce the next Academy Awards, Steven Soderbergh directing 2nd unit for Gary Ross on The Hunger Games, Re-touch and slight confirmations on Expendables 2 casting rumors. Audience participation welcome!

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One thought on “Live Movie Podcast EP19: New Catwoman Pics, Brett Ratner and Oscars, Box Office 10 Years Ago

  • August 8, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    Good podcast for Monday, August 8, 2011. I have always lamented the tracking of films by their grosses. Since ticket prices change year-to-year, inflation favors current films over films released years past. I would like to see attendance used as a measurement of a film’s success or both methods used. Just a thought for conversation.


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