Redbox Price Hike for Daily Rentals

Redbox announced today that it will be raising its daily rental price from $1 to $1.20 starting on October 31, 2011. To ease this transition they will discount the first day’s rate back to $1 until November 30, 2011 with additional day rentals being at the new $1.20 rate. Redbox is stating an increase in operating costs, mainly a debit card fee rise, is behind the price increase. This is the first time in eight years Redbox has raised their daily DVD rental price. Blu-ray and game rentals will stay the same at $1.50 and $2 respectively.

Netflix is no longer alone in rate hikes, although this will more than likely have zero effect on Redbox’s customer base. The day of the dollar DVD rental is over, rest in peace.

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