New Expendables 2 One Sheet Poster

Van Damme in Street Fighter

Here’s the new Expendables 2 poster. Are we really supposed to call this Ex 2? It looks almost like advertising from an overseas foreign territory. This poster makes Ex 2 (ya, I’m going with it) look like it’s some sort of dark fantasy action film. I know they wore them in the first movie, but the berets just remind me of Street Fighter, at least they didn’t put Van Damme in one. I’m not a fan of Lions Gate’s marketing department, and this one sheet reminds me why. This looks like the DVD cover of something Lions Gate dumped straight into video stores. I’m getting a little scared the trailers will be a marketing mess as well. In all honesty I’m really excited to see this, even though I’m finding it difficult to believe it will be any better than the first (which, while I like it a lot, has some very obvious issues). The poster is missing some cast members – Liam Hemsworth, Jet Li and Randy Couture – although they are billed on the top. This isn’t a finished poster, the text on the bottom is gibberish and inserted only for layout testing purposes. Do you like the direction this artwork is taking for Ex 2?

Expendables 2 invades theaters on August 17, 2012.

Full Poster

Blown Up Bottom of Poster

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