Podcast EP56: Filmy Twilight Friday

Episode fifty-six. Join hosts Jason and Trevor as they take the box office DeLorean back to Nov 21, 2011. We talk Twilight, box office predictions for Twilight Breaking Dawn and Happy Feet Two. Ender’s Game, concept art for Bradley Cooper in The Crow, Man From Uncle is no more, Ice Cube making another Friday movie, Kristen Stewart up for Akira role, and Mirror Mirror trailer. Plus much more, we talk what movies we’ve seen recently.

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One thought on “Podcast EP56: Filmy Twilight Friday

  • November 20, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    I don’t understand the Twilight films. They look like a TV movie of the week complete with so-so special effects, a boring story, and weak acting. I can sum up the entire series in a single sentence: Twilight is about a girl with no personality that cannot make up her mind about who she wants to date. That’s it! I ask people (kids and adults) if they like the films and most of them say “no.” The girls love the books, but the films don’t transfer well–so they say. So why are these films making so much money? I thought the series would dry up after the second film, but I guess I was wrong. Please make it stop!


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