Video of the Week: Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs. Bruce Lee

Schwarzenegger Vs. Lee – The Lost Expendables Fight
Ok, so this obviously never happened, but with Chuck Norris being 71 and if Bruce Lee was still alive, he’d be 71 and a likely candidate to be cast in The Expendables 2. Who would he fight? Schwarzenegger (although having him Norris would be epic now). Now in this video somehow Arnold is half Van Damme, the lower half. Schwarzenegger could never pull off high kicks like this. Regardless this is a fun little stop-motion animated video I thought I’d share with everyone. Who do you think would win in a fight?

For the non-english part (from the YouTube description): The second half of the film is about a landlord coming to collect the rent at the same time telling the tenant that there’ll be a 50% raise in the rent. He tempers with the tenant’s action figures and threatens to evict all of them.

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