Russell Crowe Wants to Hunt Dracula in ‘Harker’

Harker has been looking for a lead for awhile. The new twist on Bram Stoker’s tale brings the venerable master of vampires to England, where Jonathan Harker leads a hunt for the monster on behalf of Scotland Yard. Leonardo DiCaprio is producing, which is probably why Crowe is eyeing the part as the two worked together in 2008’s Body of Lies.

With a series of missteps in the past four years, Crowe’s star power has been drained significantly as five out of seven of his films since 2007 raked in around $50 million or below. The other two barely made it over the $100 million hump. He’s definitely trying to turn it around though with a heavy slate of films – the RZA’s directorial debut Man with the Iron Fists, the Mark Wahlberg starrer Broken City, the new superman flick Man of Steel, the hit broadway to film adaption Les Misérables and a possible stint as Noah in Darren Aronofsky’s (wait for it…) Noah. Some may be breakout hits, but most aren’t leading roles.

We’ve seen Academy Award winners fall in the past, and Crowe is no exception to the rule. An actor is never as good as his past work, only his current slate. Unless you’re Nicolas Cage, that bubble seems pretty indestructible.

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