Kristen Stewart Removed From ‘Snow White’ Sequel, Planned Now as Just a ‘Huntsman’ Spin-off

Kristen Stewart / Chris Hemsworth

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Universal will not be asking Kristen Stewart to return to the role of Snow White in the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. Instead they have plans to continue on with a spin-off movie starring Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. Also of note an “insider” is saying director Rupert Sanders is likely to return (he should be canned as well, not for the affair, but just because the first flick is so mediocre). Screenwriter David Koepp is smart enough to get out of this one, he’s being bought out of his contract to pen the sequel. Smart move since he could barely handle writing the last one. Honestly was anyone truly impressed with Snow White and the Huntsman?

Snow White and the Hunstmans has racked up $154 million domestic and $389 million worldwide. Considering the film has a negative cost of $170 million to produce, that’s not a huge hit. But this is Universal, and anything that make $150 million domestic is considered ripe for a sequel and probably a franchise. Can Hemsworth carry the film without Stewart? You can probably guess what I think (yes, of course). And it seems as though Hollywood sees it the same.

Hitching their wagon to Chris Hemsworth is a smart twist by Universal. Hemsworth is a hot property at the moment and will only get hotter. People love him as Thor, he definitely helped make Snow White bearable, and in many scenes simply over-shadowed Stewart. Just look at his upcoming slate, Red Dawn this November, Rush (with possible Oscar nods on this flick) in late 2013 followed by Thor 2 and then he’s rumored to be in Spielberg’s next popcorn flick Robopocalypse in 2014. Taking over the Snow White franchise will only make his star shine brighter, or at least it will look brighter.

Somewhere Robert Pattinson is smiling. What do you think about this new direction?

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