Crash Site (2011) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

The Sanders family vacation adventure goes terribly wrong, in the wilderness thriller Crash Site. Daniel Sanders (Spence), owns an online security firm, that is hacked by a group of corporate Internet pirates. In the midst of this work emergency, Daniel misses his daughters college graduation party. Leading to total disarray in his personal and professional life. His wife, Rita (Carpenter), presents him with an ultimatum, take a four day trip to the mountains with their daughter and her boyfriend, or else the marriage is over.

Once in the mountain setting, Rita establishes a rule that no cell phones or laptops are allowed on vacation. Effectively stranding the family in the wilderness, should an emergency arise. On the second day the couple decides to separate for a cozy night alone in a tent. While the kids are back at the cabin, being looked after by the friendly grounds keeper. Almost immediately things being to go wrong, the jeep carrying Daniel and Rita turns out to have faulty brakes, nearly killing the pair. Luckily they survive, albeit with no food, water, phone, or warm clothing. Thus setting in motion the second act, which chronicles the couple’s trek back to civilization. In their midst is a pack of wolfs, whose stalking presence is felt constantly. It’s too bad this promising premise is sidelined for long dialogue exchanges, complete with the obligatory infidelity confession, and never-ending bickering over who is in control of the situation, and so on.

This premise and overall theme of man vs nature is explored on a very surface level during Crash Site. The plot turns are telegraphed so far in advance that only those audience members young enough to have never seen, The Edge, or Straw Dogs, will be surprised. That is disappointing since Crash Site is a resonantly well made film will little new to present in the way of suspense or action. There are moments of light comedy, well handled by lead actors Charisma Carpenter and Sebastian Spence, yet they are out of place. In the process throwing the tone of the film off balance. There is nothing offensive or particularly violent in Crash Site, making it suitable for family viewing. It’s as if ABC family channel attempted to make The Grey. This may be a good gateway into the horror/suspense genre for younger viewers, most others will recognize the low budget production for what it is, derivative.

Director: Jason Bourque
Stars: Charisma Carpenter, Sebastian Spence, Katie Findlay

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  • April 14, 2016 at 12:44 am

    can I know the place it was filmed. I mean thee woods. It seems like a lovely place for a vacation.


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