The Pros and Cons of Going to the Movies

Going to the movies is a recreational activity that has been woven into the fabric of American society over time. Movie theaters have been entertaining the masses for more than 100 years, and thousands of them have popped up in cities all over the nation since the first one opened its doors in Pittsburgh in 1905. In today’s competitive entertainment market, people that want to see a movie have a bevy of options. Even so, seeing a movie at a movie theater will always have its own special charm and magic. Here are the essential pros and cons of going to the movies.


It’s a lot of Fun

In its simplest sense, going to the movies is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself during your down time. Tens of millions of people in the United States would consider themselves movie buffs, and many of them get a large amount of joy out of selecting a movie from the list of available choices and visiting a movie theater in person.

Apex of Technology and Talent

The various technologies that go into presenting a movie at a movie theater are simply amazing, and the chance to see a film unfold on a screen the size a barn side provides the viewer a number of privileges. Watching a movie on a television can be fun, but seeing a movie on the silver screen allows the viewer to see every single facial expression and interpret each and every instance of body language from a close and unmistakable distance.

Bonding Opportunity

One of the best reasons to go to a movie is to bond with family, friends or dates. For instance, a parent taking their child to Disney or Pixar matinee can be a very worthwhile and memorable experience. Two buddies going to see a comedy after a long day of work or school can be the perfect way to unwind. Movie theaters continue to be an ideal destination for folks who are dating, and the chance to spend a few hours in virtual darkness next to a person is a launching point for various forms of fun.

Chance to Visit Fun Places

Simply put, movie theaters are cool places to be. Many of them have gone to great lengths to decorate their high ceilings and multi-levels with bright and vibrant carpeting and colorful artwork. The vibe is usually upbeat and positive, and viewing the latest in what the movie industry has to offer is a great way of staying culturally connected to modern society.



Seeing a movie by yourself will set you back a small chunk, but seeing one with a large group or family could easily stretch into the triple digits. Add on a few large popcorns and a few 5-gallon buckets of ice and soda, and the total approaches a monthly car payment.

Unhealthy Food

Filling up on food at a movie theater is a risky enterprise that can leave you penniless at best and wallowing in tummy-aches and regret at worst. Movie theater popcorn is the ultimate yin and yang of pleasure and guilt, as a movie-goer feels so comfortable and content when it is being tasted and so guilty and ashamed when it is being processed by the body’s systems.

No Refunds if Flick is Total Dud

Just about everybody who goes to movie theaters on a regular basis has at one point found themselves realizing that they made a miscalculation in the selection of their entertainment and are ready to up and leave the theater only ten or fifteen minutes into a horrible display of movie making. In such instances, refunds are extremely rare, and ducking into another theater for a second try is technically illegal.

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