Gene Siskel Hates Silent Night, Deadly Night – Producer Ira Richard Barmak Responds

With the recent theatrical and DVD release of Silent Night, here’s an interesting look at the controversy over the original’s release.

In 1984 Silent Night, Deadly Night caused a stir amongst parents as the Santa killer wielding an axe adverts for the film aired on television. The ads were so controversial that they were pulled. Gene Siskel gave a horrible review for the horror flick, with Ebert cheering from the sidelines. Check out the At the Movies Silent Night, Deadly Night segment below as Siskel names off those responsible as if that will somehow shame them. Then, the next video is about the re-release of the original in 1985, one year later. During this Entertainment Tonight report producer Ira Richard Barmak watches the At the Movies segment and responds to Siskel and Ebert’s views. Check ’em out below.

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