Finding Mrs. Claus (2012) – Review

3 Stars

Oscar winner Mira Sorvino graces the Lifetime original production Finding Mrs. Claus with the same aloofness she brought to the cult classic Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion. Laced with two attractive leading ladies in Sorvino and the luscious Laura Vandervoort, this holiday themed romantic comedy is actually quite amusing in spots and leverages good performances from its cast into a good time for its audience. Those familiar with this type of comfort programing will appreciate the level of humor sprinkled in the writing.

The precocious daughter of a casino concierge (Vandervoort), mails a letter to Santa requesting his help in recruiting a love interest for her overworked mother. However, things aren’t going well up at the North Pole. Mrs. Claus (Mira Sorvino) is feeling overlooked by her husband, especially since Mr. Claus aka Kris Kringle (Will Sasso) recently forgot their 500th wedding anniversary. The little girl’s letter makes its way into the hands of Mrs. Claus, who decides that she will take it upon herself to travel to Las Vegas and correct the christmas wish.

A drink of magic potion transformers the elderly Mrs. Claus into Jessica, a buxomness redhead beauty outfitted in a slim fitting dress and high-heels. Naive of her surroundings and other’s intentions, Jessica sets out to locate Noel (Laura Vandervoort) and aid her in finding her match. Meanwhile, Santa decides that he needs his wife back and heads to Vegas with the company of a mischievous elf (Geoff Gustafson), Kris is distraught to learn that his wife has been having the time of her life, without him. Of course, things are complicated by mis-timing, mis-understandings and an evil casino manager. Jessica soon realizes that Noel is hot for the bartender, an aspiring musician who loves his-coworker and her daughter. There is just something about lead actress Laura Vandervoort that makes you want to root for her.

Finding Mrs. Claus isn’t on the level of Love Actually, but it is enjoyable. I’ve seen a number of holiday themed romantic comedies over the years and there have been far worse. That may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but for a diverting few hours of entertainment it scores. Plus, how could you go wrong casting the stunning Vandervoort?

Director: Mark Jean
Stars: Mira Sorvino, Will Sasso, Laura Vandervoort

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