Jurassic World (2015) – Review

4 Stars

Jurassic World‘s director Colin Trevorrow was hand-picked by Steven Spielberg to continue the series. It’s no wonder then that World closely resembles that first film’s style, and sense of fun. This is a thrill ride tuned to perfection by a team of high function craftsmen and a capable cast that turns the ordinary into extraordinarily good. Plus, its great to hear that excellent theme music from John Williams reinterpreted by Michael Giacchino here, again blaring through theater speakers.

Chris Pratt leads as Owen Grady, a head-strong Raptor ‘whisperer,’ who forms a strong bond with a quartet of dinos that are earmarked for government military use. The Ingen executive out for militarization is Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio), seeing dollars and effective killing machines, he secretly strikes a deal to use the Raptors as soldiers. Meanwhile, the scientists in the control lab have cooked up a bigger, scarier monster in the form of a species they call Indominus Rex.

Inside the operational theme park universally attended by 20,000 guests a day, Indominus Rex is on the loose. Somewhere among the guests are Zach and Gray, the nephews’ of World’s highest ranking executive Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard). With the Rex on the run the park is shut down but the adventurous boys decided to stay out in the wild. This leads to Claire recruiting Owen to aid her in rescuing the kids from the clutches of rampaging creatures and other predators.

There is little room for ingenuity in sequels, but Jurassic World comes up with a few new twists, does a nice job of acting as a direct follow-up to the original, and has some new creatures that are sure to frighten younger audience members. Even though this is a Jurassic movie, the film it most closely resembles is Indianan Jones and the Temple of Doom in that its darker, faster and has nearly continuous action set-pieces that make for a break-neack experience. I loved Jurassic World for serving as a swift two-hour throwback to the summertime blockbusters of my youth.

Director: Colin Trevorrow
Stars: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard,Vincent D’Onofrio

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