The Interview (2014) – Review

2 Stars

When all the political hoopla is said and done, film buffs will be faced with the truth that The Interview is simply a flimsy, sometimes funny, satirical spoof of media and the world’s fascination with celebrity culture. Sure, this is a modern-day Hope and Crosby ‘road comedy’ but, it’s also the movie that nearly incited an international incident over it’s very existence. If a film is ever to start war, I would hope that it be something a little more sacred than a Seth Rogen/James Franco flick. Whats next China performing subterfuge because the Autobots destroyed Beijing?

Rogen is Aaron Rapoport, the producer of a low-brow talk show, hosted by the lovable dim Dave Skylark (James Franco). One-night while conducting the softest of interviews with rapper Eminem, the musician discloses that he is in fact homosexual. This revelation garners big ratings and gets them on the radar of North Korean leader President Kim. Turns out the exalted one is a big fan of the show and requests a sit-down piece to be filmed in the infamously sealed off country.

Landing the biggest interview in television history is just the beginning. The C.I.A. wants the pair to engage in spying on the condition of the country and then assassinating leader Kim. The inept Skylark forms a bond with Kim making it difficult for him to carry out their secret plan.

There are some laugh-out loud moments sprinkled throughout The Interview. Ultimately, the comedy is a slow-moving and overly long tale that tries to humanize Kim before turning to gross out gags and violent killings. The nearly constant tonal shifting makes for an uneven viewing experience and hampered the good-time vibe of This is the End, another Rogen penned script that had similar issues.

Directors: Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen
Stars: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Lizzy Caplan

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