Spy (2015) – Review

2 Stars

Recently, I was suggesting that comedies succeed or fail based on the likability of their stars’ appeal. I’m not a fan of Melissa Mcarthy’s antics. There are millions of people who find her schtick amusing and I’m sure she is a nice person but, I don’t think she is very funny. In small doses McCarthy is a scene stealer, as the lead she is dependent on one tone of comedy and after 90 minutes it becomes obnoxious.

Working again with her Bridesmaids writer/director Paul Feig and co-star Rose Byrne, McCarthy is front and center as a C.I.A. analysts who yearns to see action in the field. Her character, Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is a whip smart technical assistant to a suave James Bond type spy (Jude Law), the running gag is that she is smarter and tougher than any of her more seasoned male counterparts. When Law’s spy gets captured and executed, the culprits reveal that they are aware of all the identities of working agents in the field.

The top brass decide to allow Cooper to track down the whereabouts of a stolen nuclear device. This leads to misadventure in Paris, Budapest and Rome. All of which requires McCarthy to go through an array of hideous false identities and wardrobe choices.

Spy isn’t a bad comedy it’s just not very innovative. This is basically Get Smart (2008) with McCarthy playing the Steve Carrell role. Spy falls flat more often than not.

Director: Paul Feig
Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne

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