Eye See You (2002) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Eye See You aka D-Tox is a misbegotten crime thriller that shows signs of inspiration but ultimately comes crashing down due to evident post-production tinkering. It features Sylvester Stallone in a welcomed and relaxed performance as FBI agent Jake Malloy, a man obsessed with capturing a psychotic killer preying on peace officers. Once slated to be helmed by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, the final product has been crafted by horror specialist Jim Gillespie.

One night while out with the guys for a few beers, the cop killer breaks into Malloy’s home and murders his young beautiful fiancée. This act of violence sends Jake over the bend mentally. Saddled with a deep depression and growing alcoholism, Malloy unsuccessfully attempts to take his own life. This act results in his entering into a secluded Wyoming psychiatric clinic and detoxification program, available only to struggling officers of the law.

So far so good, the first 25 minutes move like greased lighting and the change of pace for lead actor Stallone is startlingly effective. Then we arrive at the futuristic looking detox center, are quickly introduced to several other patients/former officers and the staff, and almost immediately for that point the film comes unglued at the seams.

It takes a great deal of concentration to follow the film’s lurid developments. The final reveal is so strained that the viewer is tempted to laugh at the motives, and scratch their head on the fuzzy details surrounding his ultimate goal. Eye See You is totally forgettable, and a waste of a good performance from Stallone.

Director: Jim Gillespie
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Charles S. Dutton, Kris Kristofferson

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