Kill Kane (2016) – Review

3 Stars

There are movies that you know can’t be any good, so they’d better be entertaining. Kill Kane, the new Vinnie Jones picture, searchers for ways to tell its basic story with style which makes the movie endearing in its quest to entertain.

Jones plays family man Ray Brookes (Vinnie Jones), who has just awoken from a three-month coma. He is forced to recall that his family has been slaughtered by gangsters. Ray is left emotionally broken. Now, with vengeance on the mind Ray methodically stalks down his targets, while a nosey cop keeps poking his head in on the escalating situation.

Vinnie Jones, the British basher is killer here, looking a bit softer and weary, he uses his haggard appearance to suggest a man of action grown tired. Yet it’s precisely Jones’s off-beat appeal that has made him a great B-movie anti-hero — and that makes Kill Kane a kick. The picture has everything one expects from a Jones film, including the obligatory scenes where his young family is held by bad-guys and Brookes watches their murders.

Kill Kane has used its limited resources to great effect. The action-thriller has been lit, shot and edited like a slasher film. Using genre tricks that serve those pictures, Kill Kane is able to establish a menacing atmosphere from the get-go.

Director: Adam Stephen Kelly
Star: Vinnie Jones, Sean Cronin, Nicole Faraday

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