Almost Heroes (1998) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

Almost Heroes is a lame and lazy comedy that quickly turns deadly dull. And dull would be the last word you’d expected to hear when describing a film starring the high energy comedian Chris Farley. But that’s just what Almost Heroes is. It’s also totally unmemorable, save for that it was the last completed film that Farley appeared in, before his premature death in late 1997. Which makes viewing the picture a sad experience. His manic personality and flashes of elite comedic timing shine through, but the episodic structure of the movie is so amateurish that it undermines any goodwill Farley is able to garner.

Two dim-witted explores set out to discover the uncharted regions of North America with the goal of reach the Pacific Ocean before their rivals Lewis and Clark. Edwards (Matthew Perry) is a civilized man of taste and comfort, who’s not equipped to deal with harsh wilderness. Hunt (Chris Farley) is a slob of a man, with an insatiable appetite for drink and food, and admirable tracking skills. Along with a group of misfits, oddballs, and outcasts the explorers must confront nature’s predators and beat their competing peers to the Ocean.

What if I told you that one of the world’s top screen comedians, teamed with one of T.V.’s biggest stars, in a film directed by the creative genius behind Spinal Tap? And that film turned out to be total shit. It’s hard to believe. Right? If you doubt the existence of such a project than perhaps Almost Heroes will hold some cult value for you. For me it’s a sad reminder of the lost and wasted talent of the always hard-working Chris Farley.

Director: Christopher Guest
Stars: Matthew Perry, Chris Farley, Eugene Levy

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