War Pigs (2015) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

There is only so much a filmmaker can do when working on a war movie with a limited budget. Period settings, wardrobe, and of course action set-pieces chew up the majority of available financial resources and the end product still typically looks sub-par. War Pigs is a unironic nod to the WW2 film sub-genre, but its lack of action especially during the first 45 minutes of the film, make it feel routine when it has the actors, locations, and story to be something better than average. Luke Goss and Dolph Lundgren make a fine pair of co-stars, while Mickey Rourke is laughably unrestrained sporting his personal clothing and mumbling through dialogue. UFC icon Chuck Liddell is given prominent billing, but he’s written out of the film in the opening ten minutes. The film is supported by a group of appealing actors who compromise the “War Pigs” combat platoon of the title.

Captain Jack Wosick (Luke Goss) is placed in charge of an unfit and slovenly U.S. Army infantry unit, dubbed the “War Pigs”. The platoon is aided by the knowledge of Captain Picault, a legionnaire, who’s tasked with whipping the soft men into hardened and battle ready troops. Their mission is to cross enemy lines and gain intel on a super-weapon being built by the Nazis.

Director Ryan Little tries to make this small picture into a rollicking good time of throwback cinema, but it’s constraints are felt in the minor storyline and the low-key stunts, effects, and battle sequences. Lundgren and Goss acquit themselves nicely with a pair of winning performances and some good screen chemistry. War Pigs isn’t a total time-killer due to the likable cast, (except Rourke), and the engaging interplay between the men and their superior officers. This is a small scale war picture with a few memorable moments.

Director: Ryan Little
Stars: Luke Goss, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Liddell

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