Battle of the Drones (2018) – Review

2 Stars

Battle of the Drones has a remarkable opening title sequence that promises a high-energy fun entertainment, but the film quickly falls into the ‘unexceptional programmer’ category. After the lively first ten minutes the plot gets a bit muddled and then the picture turns into yet another average Predator rip-off. It’s amazing that 30 years after that seminal film debuted in theaters lesser filmmakers (with lower budgets) are still unsuccessfully attempting to copy that film’s successful elements.

A group of morally loose mercenaries is tasked with retrieving a cache of weapons from a covert site in Chernobyl, Russia is double-crossed by their CIA oversite group. Unbeknownst to both parties is the presence of an opposing force of cybertronic super soldiers that are hell-bent on eliminating their targets. Now, it’s a fight for survival as the drones of the title stalk the soldiers of fortune, who must resort to guerrilla tactics and teamwork to defeat the robotic enemy force.

Director: Mitch Gould
Stars: Louis Mandylor, Dominique Swain, Michael Paré, Natassia Malthe

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