Adventures of Aladdin (2019) – Review

1 Star

Disney’s potential blockbuster live-action adaption of Aladdin is coming to theaters in the upcoming weeks so that must mean there will be an Asylum produced ‘twin’ film in the waiting. The studio responsible for the Sharknado and the reliable mockbuster sub-genre are back with this well-timed but poorly executed companion piece that will most likely find a home and audience on the Syfy channel later down the line. To be fair Asylum has produced entertaining rip-offs before and I’m sure they will again in the future, but Adventures of Aladdin is amongst the most unendurable cinematic exercises the B-movie company has released.

The 1,001 Arabian Nights concept is trotted out again this time with little imagination in terms of staging and staggeringly poor special effects. Aladdin (Adam Holick) is recruited to steal a magic lamp but employs the Genie (Tionne Williams) within the bottle to help him rise from impoverishment to a prince while winning the heart of a princess in the process.

The only enjoyable aspect of Adventures of Aladdin in the interplay between Aladdin and the Genie. The film could have used Tionne Williams more and played up the humor of the piece. Director Glen Campbell is a veteran in the visual effects department which doesn’t excuse the unfortunate choices made here. Check out Coronado for a successful and fun example of how to do this type of production with flare and style.

Director: Glen Campbell
Stars: Adam Holick, Tionne Williams, Havon Baraka

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