General Commander (2019) – Review

1 1/2 Stars

I’m done. After 31 years watching Steven Seagal flicks, I’ve finally decided enough is enough. The last 18 years have been spent witnessing the once powerful Hollywood icon embarrass himself and his ever tiring and thinning fan base. There used to be a guilty pleasure vibe to even the lesser movies in Seagal’s long filmography, but not anymore. Today, his faithful following is forced to consume a steady stream of inferior product designed for the aging star to grab a quick check while doing as little as possible for it.

For the umpteenth time, Steven Seagal is cast as an enigmatic figure with some connection to the CIA and holding an extensive background within the Special Forces units. When a mission goes awry and costs the life of one of his squad members, Seagal’s unit is in danger of being put to rest. That’s when a wealthy foreign woman hires Seagal and his surviving team members to travel to Thailand and catch the person responsible for the death of the man killed in the opening scene. It’s as if the producers thought they could pull off a Mission Impossible type flick with an action star that is nowhere near as spry as Tom Cruise.

I liked Wake of Death, the Van Damme film from the same Producer, and there were scenes that worked in General Commander. But, the irony is that the good parts of the movie all take place when Seagal is far off-screen. And that’s a big problem. As I officially retire from covering any Seagal film from here on out, I can only hope he decides to follow suit.

Directors: Ross W. Clarkson, Philippe Martinez
Stars: Steven Seagal, Sonia Couling, Ron Smoorenburg

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