Night Hunter (1996) – Review

3 Stars

In Night Hunter, Don “The Dragon” Wilson battles vampires two years before Wesley Snipes’ Blade hit cinemas. That Marvel character is an obvious inspiration, as is Batman and The Crow. I knew I liked Night Hunter when a Vamp baddie gets his head caught in a fire escape and Wilson kills the mutant with an axe kick, breaking the assailant’s neck. Night Hunter represents a welcomed change of pace for former kickboxing champ Wilson (sporting a full mane of black hair) and he’s quite effective as the brooding (super) hero.

Jack Cutter (Don “The Dragon” Wilson) watched his family being murdered by a clan of Vampires when he was a little boy. Cutter decides to dedicate his life to the pursuit of killing the last vampires on Earth.

Night Hunter is awfully reminiscent of John Carpenter’s Vampires (Hunter predates Vampires by a full two years) with both films using the action-horror genre to tell an old-fashioned revenge tale. With a change here and a tweak there, Night Hunter, could have been a western about a bounty hunter tracking outlaws. This is the kind of energetic b-movie that was gold for action fantastics in the video store era.

Director: Rick Jacobson
Stars: Don Wilson, Maria Ford

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