Fast and Fierce: Death Race (2020) – Review

3 Stars

Perhaps, being quaratined and running out of viable options for viewing has dropped my critical standards (I never really had any) but the new film from The Aslyum, their mockbuster Fast and Fierce: Death Race, is a good time. Director Jared Chon (Hold Your Breath) has fashioned a ‘real’ movie using spare parts from other flicks. While the title is to spark interest based in the Fast 9, the film actually borrows a lot more from Need for Speed than the FAST franchise. Still, this is an enjoyable time-waster that won’t leave you feeling guilty for having spent 90 minutes on the sequel to a knock-off that was itself a knock-off. Style points for inventive killing methods, practical stunt driving, and the resurgence of DMX.

Director: Jared Cohn
Stars: Dmx

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