Hidden Agenda (2001) – Review

3 Stars

In a return to former glory screen idol Dolph Lundgren top-lines the sturdy action thriller Hidden Agenda. Movies like this little low-budget gem are the definition of a find, at least in this reviewer’s eyes. Director Marc S. Grenier brings verve and grace to one of the better on-screen turns from action icon Dolph Lundgren.

While Hidden Agenda is light on action, it sustains interest by stylishly telling a solid story. This low-budget feature film plays like a good backdoor pilot episode for a syndicated television series. As a stand-alone feature film Hidden Agenda, is a mixture of Eraser, Jason Bourne, and The Parallax View.

Dolph Lundgren’s post-theatrical offerings are a wildly varied mix. Hidden Agenda is easy viewing for action enthusiasts and represents a high-point in the beefcake’s filmography.

Director: Marc S. Greiner
Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Maxim Roy, Brigitte Paquette

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