Wishmaster (1997) – Review

2 Stars

Andrew Divoff gets a star vehicle to display his uniquely engaging screen presence in Wishmaster, another routine horror film from the late nineties. Top-notch special make-up and creature effects highlight an otherwise forgettable movie. Hellraiser scribe Peter Atkins, hoping to emulate that film’s title character, presents us with a similarly memorable villain in the Djinn.

An ancient evil is unleashed upon the modern-day when a sleeping Djinn is awoken and begins to feed off the wishes of humans. It’s up to a jewel appraiser to save the day and to get the menacing creature back into the precious stone where it has lain in wait for centuries.

Will David Lynch hurry up and cast Andrew Divoff and Robert Davi as twin brothers in a psychological thriller? How did that casting duo get overlooked for a buddy-cop flick during the golden era of the genre? I digress. Wishmaster showcases some snazzy effects, ludicrous behavior from its characters, and a charismatic turn from Andrew Divoff. As per the case for any financially successful horror film, the original was followed by three direct-to-DVD sequels.

Director: Robert Kurtzman
Stars: Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff, Robert Englund

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