A Little Help (2010) – Review

2 Stars

A Little Help is the story of a recent widow who gets entangled in a series of lies to help herself and her twelve year old son. Laura (Jenna Fischer) has a burned out marriage and to make matters worse she’s pretty sure her husband, Bob (Chris O’Donnell), is cheating on her. Their son, Dennis (Daniel Yelsky), is distant and pushes Laura away. She moves on with her life, pretending everything’s ok. But one afternoon during a family get together she lets loose on Bob and accuses him of adultery. While chasing after her something happens with his heart, but he is given a clean bill of health by their doctor. Later that night Laura makes up with Bob, but his heart issue pops up again, this time for the last time. Now everything Laura has been sweeping under the rug is being forced out into the open. Her family pressures her into a malpractice lawsuit where Bob’s infidelity plays a major role. Her son tells a lie at his new school about his father dying as a fireman in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. She goes along with it, maybe in the hopes of winning him over, but mostly because she’s a pushover and has been throughout her life. Once the lies start coming undone can Laura and her son withstand the results?
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Robin Hood? Batman: Arkham City – Concept Art Controversy

The internet has been buzzing the past few weeks over the new Robin concept art that was released for Batman: Arkham City. First there was the shaved head image of Robin that resembled a cross between Chris O’Donnell and Cole from inFAMOUS. Later it was revealed that The Caped Crusader’s sidekick would sport a hood to hide the very same shaved head that caused an uproar. That, however, also prompted cries of unoriginality. Without a doubt the hooded character concept has been overused recently in games such as the Assassin’s Creed and Prototype. Still, Robin was in desperate need of an overhaul and personally I believe the addition of the hood fits nicely with the darker theme of the Arkham games. I mean lets face it, The Boy Wonder has lost some appeal over the past few decades. It’s to be expected though that any changes/updates made to Robin are going to be met with some type of fanboy backlash.

What are your feelings on the new design? Would you rather the developers just left Robin alone? Post a comment or catch us on twitter and share your thoughts.


Batman & Robin (1997) – Review

2 1/2 Stars

This critical reviled entry is not nearly as bad as you’ve heard and I actually prefer it to the third film Batman Forever. Returning to the director’s chair is Joel Schumacher who shows no restraint in creating another visually stunning film of little substance. It’s the cinematic equivalent of junk food; tasty as hell but empty and lacking in value. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the biggest name in the cast (and received top-billing) as the egg-headed villain Mr. Freeze. Throughout his career Schwarzenegger had been know for his ironic catchphrases and they have become part of pop culture phenomena. However the script here by Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind) is laced with so-many lame lines that Schwarzenegger becomes more of a distraction.
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American Anthem (1986) – Review

2 Stars

Olympic Gold Medalist Mitch Gaylord stars in this sporadically entertaining sports drama about a striving athlete who overcomes his personal problems and learns how to have faith in himself. This well used formula, about a talented but troubled rising star unable to gain the respect of his father, while romancing an attractive newcomer, is way too clichéd and familiar to resonate. Sporting virtually the same plot as director Magnoli’s previous film Purple Rain, this overbearing drama has moments of insight into the world of Olympic gymnastics that may be appreciated by gymnasts. Most others will be turned off by the wooden acting of the two leads and the tendency of the filmmakers to shoot the film like a 1980’s MTV Music Video.
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Batman Forever (1995) – Review

2 Stars

Returning to the ‘campy’ colorful world of the 1960s incarnation of Batman, this third entry into the series is the worst of the original quad-trilogy. Bringing in fresh director Joel Schumacher to lighten things up resulted in a film that has flashes of brilliance yet more often than not resembles a music video on steroids. Replacing Michael Keaton in the title role is Val Kilmer, who makes for an acceptable if somewhat unmemorable Dark Knight. Notorious stories of a contentious relationship between Kilmer and Schumacher effectively ensured this being his only appearance in the franchise.
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