It’s a Go! HBO Go Planned for Console Streaming

HBO recently announced plans to implement HBO Go on demand streaming for console platforms. With similar offerings already available from Netflix and Hulu, console owners will now have the opportunity stream HBO content directly from their gaming console. No announcements have been made so far regarding which consoles will offer HBO Go, but one can only hope that it will be offered on all three of the major consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii).

HBO Go is available to all HBO subscribers (with some exceptions) and can currently be streamed on your browser, iOS or Android device. HBO Go contains a plethora of HBO content including movies, documentaries, original series (including recent hit Game of Thrones), and my personal favorite HBO Boxing. No doubt HBO is hoping the addition of HBO Go for consoles will bring in new revenue from eager gamers, similar to what Netflix experienced with its console streaming service. Although I have only tested HBO Go on my iPhone, the app functioned well and overall it seemed to be complete and bug free. Hopefully, that means HBO Go will be coming to consoles sooner rather than later.

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