Britney Ever After (2017) – Review

3 Stars

Lifetime is once again delving into the world of “unauthorized” bio-pics, focusing on the most popular cultural phenomenon of the early 2000’s, this pic is a step-up in terms of production, but still maintains a sleazy quality that has come to define these movies.

Starting with the iconic moment when teen pop sensation Brittany Spears shaved her head, the loosely based on fact bio-pic plays out in flashbacks that showcase the meteoric rise to fame for a small-town girl. The lead performance from actress Natasha Bassett is quite good for this level and the melodramatic events of Spear’s real-life obstacles give the star ample opportunities to show range. The other casting isn’t quite as strong, but Nathan Keyes and Clayton Chitty are effective as Timberlake and Kevin Federline, emphasizing the yin&yang quality of the two men.

Asylum entertainment, mostly known for “mock-busters” has quietly produced this picture and distributed it through the Lifetime network. Perhaps that’s why the movie is a guilty pleasure that ranks above the other similarly themed films about musical divas. Spear’s life was so tumultuous for a while that a mini-series could’ve been made from the tabloid material alone. However, most of the juicy elements have been included and that’s really what people are tuning in for.

Director: Leslie Libman
Stars: Natasha Bassett, Nicole Oliver,Nathan Keyes

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