Buddy (1997) – Review

1 Star

Good intentions don’t always result in good movies. Buddy is a prime example of the theory. The Jim Henson produced family film is a torturous and often bizarre movie that is hard-pressed to entertain anyone. Even the most ardent animal lover will be bored silly by the time the film has reached its uninteresting conclusion. The supposedly true story is a silly waste of time and money for the audience and filmmakers.

Rene Russo is eccentric socialite Gertrude Lintz, who adopts a baby gorilla into her already bustling animal menagerie. Along with chimpanzees Maggie and Joe, Buddy gets into all kinds of hilarious monkey business and proceeds to drive everyone bananas.

The animatronics are often outstanding with a number of creative elements employed to create the illusion that the titular Gorilla is an actual living animal. Rene Russo is quite good in the role of the off-beat human mother to the ape. It’s the unfocused storyline, lack of antagonist, and leisurely pace that ultimately sink this well-meaning but misguided production.

Director: Caroline Thompson
Stars: Rene Russo, Robbie Coltrane, Alan Cumming

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